Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Distant learning is becoming a way of life with the increasingly efficient technology. You can learn almost anything online  from math and management to biology and guitars.

There are two ways that distant learning could happen. The first is by observing someone else at your own convenience. Learning could be listening to an audio, watching a video or watching a prerecorded webinar.

The second way is interacting with an instructor through emails, phone calls, a forum or Skype.

What you need to remember is that the biggest advantage of having an experienced instructor is not watching them perform but it is their ability to hear, see and feel you perform what you have learned.

If an online lesson becomes a one-way lecture,  chance are that you will not learn as effectively as you might think.

Taking away the gift of the instructor watching over you is the greatest disadvantage of learning online in a one-way communication which is the trend for most online classes.

Being observed by an instructor is significant especially to beginners who could easily establish bad habits without even knowing it.

For example in online acoustic guitar lessons, instructor demonstrates how to keep your thumb behind the neck of the guitar and form a ball with your fingers so you can reach the strings with the tip of your finger.

Beginner guitar students crane  their eck to see the placement of their fingers on the guitar.  With that action, a novice often slides the thumb up and over which flattens the hands and creates a buzz in the strings.

The instructor can correct this only he can see you. Otherwise, it is left up to you to make sure that you do follow the instructions given.

For beginner guitar enthusiasts, I suggest learning in a mode that allows the instructor to  see what you’re doing. This could be done through Skype or in person. In person doesn’t mean private instructions you could take group classes that are fun and inexpensive.

Once you learn the basics, you can easily transition to online instructions that do not involve two-way communication.

Another tip to keep in mind is to plan your lessons instead of getting tips. Free online acoustic guitar lessons are a series of steps that take you in an organized and efficient manner close to your goal of playing guitar effortlessly.

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